The big secret is quality mix and mastering will make your “good” recording sound like a “great” recording. After hours of recording, a small investment towards professional mixing and mastering could bring millions down the road.  Choose one or several of our many service packages below to polish your sound!

Vocal Mix Options

We provide industry standard EQ techniques, advanced compression, custom reverb design and more to give your mix a professional balance.









Vocal Mix Addons

Make your songs competitive with our vocal mix add-ons!
Pitch Correction, Stutters, Reverse Echoes, Panning FX & more

For more than 6 songs mixed, Contact Us for a bulk deal.

Note: Mixing is a pivotal process that will get your songs closer to an industry sound. HOWEVER, in order to get your songs to the industry level it is best to avoid the following:

  • Avoid bad recordings – For example, vocals that were recorded with the microphone too far away or too close can ruin a recording. Vocals that were recorded with terrible acoustics or a fan in the background will also ruin a recording.
  • Avoid bouncing down tracks with effects – Stems with effects still enabled on the channel make it very difficult to mix your song. if you have the effects on the track as a way to make sure we understand the sound that you’re going for, then include a bounced MP3 version of the entire song so we’ll have a reference.
  • Avoid extreme gain staging – When you bounce down your tracks, leave about 6db of headroom.
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The only way to get your songs commercially ready is through a great mastering job!


1 Song


3 Songs
NOTE: Mastering is free with all mix orders & each Add-on will be adjusted to your bulk rate. You can send in up to 15 stems for each mix. All mastering orders must have at least 6db of headroom on the mix track. Rates may adjust for more. For a bulk quote on full album or project please contact us.
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Make your Beats competitive for better sales conversion.

1 Beat Mixed


5 Beats Mixed


10 Beats Mixed

If you are in the business of selling beats, then it goes without saying that the mix is an essential selling element. A lack luster mix can make or break a deal more often than not. If you can get your beats sounding like the pros, then you’ll increase the chance to convert sales. It’s that simple!


Professional vocal tracking for recording artist.

Audio Suite Studios has industry standard equipment to make your recordings sound like the pros. An excellent recording is what makes listeners perceive the audio as polished. A sub-par recording can make the difference of  the audio sounding like it was recorded in the basement or a million dollar studio. Book a studio session today!

Hours of Operation

Sun-Sat: 12pm – 10pm
Must Book 24 hours in advance
$50 for late booking  
2 Hour Minimum

Gear & Software

All recordings are made with Professional gear for best Quality.
Avalon 737, Neumann tlm 103, Yamaha hs8, Universal Audio LA 610, etc.

Studio Pricing

$80/Hr Recording Session
2 Hour Minimum to Book
Block Sessions Available

Privacy & Protection

Recordings are securely stored
for up to 6 Months on a private drive.
Privacy & protection guaranteed.